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Terra Chips

People often say theres nothing new under the sun, and yet Terra Chips are both old-fashioned and uniquely new. Old-fashioned in the sense that people have cherished these root vegetables since before civilization began. New in that two chefs from New York City, Dana Sinkler and Alexander Dzieduszycki, have gathered this delicious variety of vegetables together and prepared them into a light, naturally colorful collection of chips. Many of these vegetables are savory, some are sweet and mixed together they achieve a satisfying balance of flavors - complex, nutty, rich, delicate. Terra Chips. Potpourri Potato Chips Click for larger image. This one of a kind combination of potatoes is a potpourri of our most popular crowd-pleasing taste sensations all in one convenient bag! Sweet Potato - Rich and savory in flavor; Yukon Gold - Our hearty, thick chip with all the crunch; Terra Blue - Exotic and vibrant with a slightly nutty flavor; and NEW Huckleberry Red or Red Thumb - Bold in color; yet distinctively mild with a sweeter potato chip taste. With every bite and delicious crunch, you can savor the flavor of each selective chip. Terra Potpourri also has 30% less fat compared to other leading brands of potato chips, so you can indulge yourself anytime! Red Bliss™ Potato Chips Click for larger image. Continuing our legacy of gourmet chips and award winning flavor combinations, Terra presents Red Bliss™ Potato Chips Made with Olive Oil. This savory combination of premium red potatoes, pure olive oil, and a light touch of salt create a delightful sensation your palate will love. Red Bliss potato chips are made with olive oil, making them rich in flavor, but thin in fat -- 30% less fat than the other leading brand of potato chips. Enhanced by the delectable flavor and natural beauty of the potatoes deep red skin and creamy white flesh, Terra Red Bliss Potato Chips made with Olive Oil make an ideal addition to our family of gourmet vegetable and potato chips. Blues™ Potato Chips Click for larger image. Terra Chips® introduces an extraordinary new chip guaranteed to please your eye, as well as your palate. Terra Blues™ Potato Chips, made from naturally Blue Potatoes, are premium quality chips that are a delectable treat. Vibrant bluish-purple in color, with a slightly nutty flavor, theyre simply unforgettable. Each delicious batch is cooked via a special process which gives you a lower fat chip, without sacrificing color or taste. So these all-natural gourmet snacks are as easy on your waistline as they are on your eyes. Try Terra Blues™ Potato Chips -- with color so pure and taste so sophisticated, theyre truly a rhapsody in blue. Sweet Potato Chips Click for larger image. Terra® Sweet Potato Chips were first introduced in our original Terra Chips vegetable mix. The delicious and distinctive flavor of Terra Sweet Potato Chips immediately attracted a wide following of devoted fans who demanded more of these cherished root vegetable chips. Rich and flavorful sweet potatoes are cooked to perfection with NO SALT ADDED, just the way you like them. Only from Terra Chips, Enjoy! An excellent source of Vitamin A. The premium Yukon Gold Potato was cultivated in Canada and brought to the U.S. in the early 1980s. Prized by chefs all over the country, Yukon Gold potatoes are renowned for their robust, buttery flavor and beautiful aesthetics. They are ideal for a pleasing presentation because of their round shape, golden color and suitability for cooking. Terra¨ serves their chips in thick, hearty slices that leave their customers delighted with the full flavor and 50% LESS FAT than other leading brands. Half the fat, twice the flavor.