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TruTemp Digital Cooking Thermometers

With the TruTemp 3518 Digital Cooking/Meat Thermometer with Alarm by Taylor, you wont have to repeatedly open your oven door to check on the internal temperature of cooking food. Thats because the included stainless steel probe on a 3.3-foot silicone cord detects the temperature of your food as it cooks. The display unit, which remains outside of the oven, shows you the temperature of your food as it cooks and sounds an alarm to let you know when the food is cooked to your exact preset temperature. You can select degree F or degree C by means of a switch on the back of the display unit, and youll find the temperature digits in the display to be bold and quite large at 3/4 inch tall.The easy-to-use TruTemp 3518 Digital Cooking Thermometer by Taylor comes with a stainless steel probe on a silicone cord. Insert the probe into the center of the food to be cooked. Place the display unit in a nearby location outside of the oven. Then run the cord out of the oven door and plug it into the display unit. Set the temperature to which you want the food cooked and set the temperature alarm. You can now view the temperature of the cooking food on the display unit. When the food reaches the preset temperature, the alarm sounds to let you know that your food is done.The 3518s main unit has two parts. One is a wall mount and table stand bracket, and the other is the actual display unit that contains the controls and LCD panel. The bracket has two magnets for attachment to a steel surface (e.g., an oven door) plus a Velcro strip and two screw holes for other mounting methods. When not in use, the probe snaps into the flanges on the right of the bracket for storage. When the bracket is placed on a table or other flat surface as a stand, the display unit can be pivoted up (from the slot on the brackets left side) for an optimum viewing angle. The 3518 has a temperature memory to let you know the maximum and minimum temperatures that the probe has reached during the current cooking session. To view these temperatures, you press the UP & MAX TEMP button or the DOWN & MIN TEMP button while the food is cooking. Pressing the button a second time returns the display to the current cooking temperature. (These two buttons are also used to set the alarm temperature, as explained in the instruction manual.) Pressing the SET ALARM button while the food is cooking displays the current alarm temperature setting. Pressing the SET ALARM button again returns to the temperature of the cooking food. To clear the maximum or minimum temperatures in memory, select the maximum or minimum temperature. Then, while it is displayed, press the CLEAR/ALARM OFF button. When the alarm is sounding during cooking, pressing the CLEAR/ALARM OFF button turns off the alarm. If you do not do this, the alarm will sound for 1 minute and then turn off automatically. While the metal probe can sense temperatures from -40 degree to +500 degree F (40 degree C to +260 degree C), the silicone cord must not be used in oven temperatures hotter than +392 degree F (+200 degree C). Also, this thermometer absolutely cannot be used for microwave ovens. Conveniently included in the 3518s instruction manual is a list of minimum internal cooking temperatures as recommended by the USDA for a wide variety of meats and other foods. The 3518 is powered by one AAA (1.5V) battery, which is included. The instructions recommend an alkaline battery, but the one that comes with the 3518 is actually a super heavy duty cell. When it needs replacement, use an alkaline battery. Normal battery life is about 1 year. Both the mounting bracket and display unit of this cooking thermometer are white plastic. The display unit has light gray trim and sea-blue control pushbuttons. The 3518 comes with a 1-year factory warranty.Easy-to-read LCD display. Range 32 degree F to 392 degree F. Stainless steel probe with 4 silicone cord. Folds down for compact storage.