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  • "My order was received VERY quickly. Unfortunately the napkin dispenser was totally crushed (it looked like a truck had run over it!) but the outside packing boxes were totally intact and undamaged. When I called your facility to report this, I was told that another dispenser would be shipped. The replacement dispenser arrived very quickly and was perfect. I really appreciate your speedy delivery and fantastic response regarding the replacement.
  • R.F. (Raleigh NC)
  • "It was a gift for my son and he really likes it. Shipped quickly – very happy with the purchase.
  • R.J. (Grafton WI)

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Taco Shells

A Mexican eatery would not be the same if it did not have tacos on the menu. But, regardless what you fill it with, the one thing they all have in common are the Taco Shells. That is foundation of the taco, upon which veggies, meats, cheeses, and dips galore are piled high. Therefore, it needs to be sturdy enough not to crumble at the point of pick-up, but crunchy and flavorful at the same time. We have uncovered and are relinquishing to you the rights to the best brands on the market, so you never again have to worry that your foundation will crumble!