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  • "The service was excellent as is the product. I used to be able to buy Sam's Clams here, but evidently there is a distributer problem. They are far superior to anything else on the market. If I can't get to the beach and do the clamming myself, they are the next best thing.
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  • "We are totally pleased with the shipment, very fast and when needed will order from your company again.
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Radiators? They sell radiators on a food website? No, don`t be silly! This radiatore pasta, so named for the appliance it resembles, contains small, attractively shaped noodles that both add to the beauty of your meal and seal in the flavor of your sauce. Our fine radiatore pasta comes in many different colors and varieties, making your next pasta dish an aesthetic wonder. Add them to your favorite marinara sauce for an atypical Italian dinner, or mix them up in your famous pasta salad recipe for a fine picnic lunch. Our radiatore pasta simply radiates deliciousness!