Take Guests on a Flavor Journey

Tazo® Concentrates let you easily bring guests deliciously unexpected iced teas, tea lattes and more — with no brewing or training required. The artful, imaginative ingredient blends in Tazo® Concentrates can also be used to craft other drinks and dishes to please all kinds of guests.


  • Classic Chai Latte: The flavor guests look for
    Chai Decaf Latte: Authentic flavor, no caffeine
    Chai Skinny Latte: 45% fewer calories than the classic chai latte
    Green Tea Matcha Latte: Unique, on-trend and totally delicious
    Black: A refreshing blend of crisp black teas
    Passion®: A radiant blend of hibiscus flowers, herbs & tropical fruit essences
    Zen™: A harmonious balance of green tea with lemongrass & spearmint