Potato Redishred Hashbrown, 30 Pound -- 1 Case

Potato Redishred Hashbrown, 30 Pound -- 1 Case
Potato Redishred Hashbrown, 30 Pound -- 1 Case

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Golden Grill® Redi-Shred® Hashbrowns, Low Sodium, 660 half-cup servings per case, patties easy, grills fast, 1/30 lb box

Golden Grill® Redi-Shred® Hashbrowns-L/S 1/30lb box
Preparation instruction: 1: Add hot water (140-150°F) to fill line (about 1 gallon). Close carton. 2: Allow refresh of 20 minutes. 3: Drain. Transfer to holding pan, cover (refrigerate if not grilled immediately). 4: On a well-oiled grill at 375°F, cook on one side for 2-4 minutes or until edges are golden brown. [Alternate] OVERNIGHT REFRESH OPTION: (Leave 1" space between cartons.) Add cold water to fill line, close and refrigerate overnight. Note: Results in firmer hashbrowns. OVEN OPTION: In a full size sheet pan, fold 1 1/2-cups butter into refreshed hashbrowns, spread evenly, season to taste. Bake. Convection: 450° F for 8-10 min. Conventional: 525°F for 12-15 min.
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Potato Redishred Hashbrown, 30 Pound -- 1 Case

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