Krono Windy City Uncooked Gyrokone, 20 Pound -- 1 each.

Krono Windy City Uncooked Gyrokone, 20 Pound -- 1 each.
Krono Windy City Uncooked Gyrokone, 20 Pound -- 1 each.

About this product

Krono Windy City Uncooked Gyrokone

GyroKones are pre-formed cones ideal for display cooking and attracting customers attention

Preparation and Cooking:

Rotisserie - Cooking a Kronos GyroKone on a vertical broiler for longer than 3 hours may cause performance problems (splitting, cracking, collapsing). More importantly, cooking times in excess of 3 hours and/or partial or intermittent cooking may cause rapid bacteria growth. Bacteria and other germs need time, food, and moisture to grow; but they won't grow when the temperature of the food is colder than 40º F or hotter than 140º F. The temperatures between 40º F and 140º F are in the "Danger Zone". Keep potentially hazardous food out of the Danger Zone. When food is left in the Danger Zone bacteria can grow quickly and make poisons that will make your customers very sick. The surface of the GyroKone must be cooked to well done? (170º F) before slicing. Slice thickness must not exceed 1/8?. Freshly sliced gyros meat must be placed in a holding unit that maintains a temperature of 165º F or greater. Cooked slices may also be refrigerated and reheated on a grill or in an oven before serving.

Serving Suggestions:

Cut cone and serve as a part of a gyros sandwich
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    This temperature sensitive item can not transit over a weekend so, depending on the day of the week ordered and destination, some delays may occur.

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    Frozen and refrigerated food items are not eligible for returns

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Krono Windy City Uncooked Gyrokone, 20 Pound -- 1 each.

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$95.95 /each
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