Knorr 095 Chicken Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case

Knorr 095 Chicken Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case
Knorr 095 Chicken Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case

About this product

Knorr 095 BASES/BOUILLIONS 095 Chicken Base 1 LB

Legout shelfstable bases offer high quality at a great value, with no added MSG varieties, hearty flavors, great flexibility and versatility, no trans fat varieties, and glutenfree varieties. For more than 50 years, Legout 095 quality paste bases have been a popular choice of chefs concerned about quality, convenience, and performance.

912 avg. servings per case

Convenient and versatile, made with natural flavors and fully seasoned. Consistant performance and exceptional value.

Use wherever a rich hearty broth is required.

Try our Cream of Spinach Soup recipe!

As part of Unilever, we understand consumers, your guests. We use this knowledge to help chefs and caterers keep up with people’s changing tastes.

Created by chefs for chefs.

CHICKEN SOUP: Add the contents of this container to 5 gallons of boiling water and serve. For smaller quantities, add 4 ounces of 1/3 measuring cup to 5 quarts of boiling water. For individual servings, and 1 level teaspoon to 1 measuring cup of boiling water. Add other ingredients as desired. OTHER SOUPS: To soup prepared as above, add desired amount of well drained, cooked egg noodles or cooked rice. To prepare cream of chicken soup, add desired amount of LeGoût 095TM Chicken Base added to your own chicken stock will give extra enrichment and superb flavor. Blend in a small amount for extra fine flavor in chicken a la king, croquettes, fricassee, creamed chicken, gravies, sauces, creamed soups, chicken and turkey dressings, chicken and turkey salads, biscuits, vegetables, meat loaves and many other foods.

Product Specifications
  • Brand
  • Weight
  • Sold As
  • Unit Quantity
  • Unit Amount
  • Unit Amount Type
  • UPC
  • GTIN
  • SKU
  • Stock Reference #
  • Corn and it's derivates
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories
    • 15
  • Calories UOM
    • kcal
  • Cholesterol
    • 5
  • Cholesterol UOM
    • mg
  • Cholesterol % RDI
    • 0
  • Sodium
    • 760
  • Sodium UOM
    • mg
  • Sodium % RDI
    • 32
  • Sugars
    • 1
  • Sugars UOM
    • g
  • Sugars % RDI
    • 0
  • Protein
    • 1
  • Protein UOM
    • g
  • Protein % RDI
    • 0
  • Nutrient basis quantity type code
  • Preparation state
  • The experts in international cuisine for over 175 years. Knorr serves chefs that are passionate about creating great tasting dishes made with authentic, sustainably sourced ingredients - so that Chefs can have pride in the dishes they serve.

Knorr 095 Chicken Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case

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