Knorr 095 Bouillions Au Jus Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case

Knorr 095 Bouillions Au Jus Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case
Knorr 095 Bouillions Au Jus Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case
Knorr 095 Bouillions Au Jus Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case
Knorr 095 Bouillions Au Jus Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case

About this product

Knorr 095 BASES/BOUILLIONS Au Jus Base 1 LB

Classic Gravies deliver superior quality that foodservice professional can rely on to perform every day. These products have convenient, laborsaving formats, a broad selection of classic flavors along with specialty and regional favorites, and easy preparation that takes only minutes.

420 avg. servings per case

Traditional au jus made in minutes. The classic accompaniment to French Dip sandwiches, prime rib or almost any cut of beef.

An ideal product to be trusted on its own for your brown sauce needs, to enhance the flavour of your own scratch demiglace.

Contains Soy

As part of Unilever, we understand consumers, your guests. We use this knowledge to help chefs and caterers keep up with people’s changing tastes.

Created by chefs for chefs.

AU JUS: Add the contents of this container to 3 gallons of boiling water. For smaller quantities, add three tablespoons to a quart of boiling water. OTHER USES: Add LeGoût Au Jus Flavor Base to your own stock for extra enrichment and superb flavor. A small quantity will greatly improve the beef flavor of gravies, stews, sauces, meat pies and meat salads. Rubbed on roasts before cooking, LeGoût Au Jus Base will give the meat an extra fine flavor and add richness and zest to the gravy.

Product Specifications
  • Brand
  • Weight
  • Sold As
  • Unit Quantity
  • Unit Amount
  • Unit Amount Type
  • UPC
  • GTIN
  • SKU
  • Stock Reference #
  • Soybeans and their derivates
  • Corn and it's derivates
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories
    • 5
  • Calories UOM
    • kcal
  • Sodium
    • 300
  • Sodium UOM
    • mg
  • Sodium % RDI
    • 13
  • Nutrient basis quantity type code
  • Preparation state
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Knorr 095 Bouillions Au Jus Base, 1 Pound -- 12 Case

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$85.95 /case
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