Good Old Days Peach Cobbler, 5 Pound -- 2 per case.

Good Old Days Peach Cobbler, 5 Pound -- 2 per case.
Good Old Days Peach Cobbler, 5 Pound -- 2 per case.

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Good Old Days Peach Cobbler

Special varieties of fruits are carefully selected for firmness, appearance, and flavor perfection and quick frozen immediately after harvest to preserve the orchard-fresh goodness of the fruit. The fruit is never thawed until baked in the food service kitchen. A special formulation of the purest shortening and 100% natural ingredients creates a crisp and flaky crust to complement the fresh frozen fruit filling. Sugar and spices are carefully blended to create maximum flavor perfection in every variety.

Preparation and Cooking:

Bake - Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove plastic over-wrap and lid. Place frozen cobbler on a cookie sheet and place in center of oven. Bake approximately 60 to 75 minutes (or until crust is golden-brown). convection oven, 325 degrees 45 to 60 minutes. Remove baked cobbler from oven on cookie sheet, never by the edges of the pan. Serve warm.

Serving Suggestions:

Top warm cobbler with cream, whipped topping, or ice cream. Sprinkled cinnamon is delicious also.
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Good Old Days Peach Cobbler, 5 Pound -- 2 per case.

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