Gold Medal Cornbread Muffin Mix 25 Pound

Gold Medal Cornbread Muffin Mix 25 Pound
Gold Medal Cornbread Muffin Mix 25 Pound
Gold Medal Cornbread Muffin Mix 25 Pound
Gold Medal Cornbread Muffin Mix 25 Pound

General Mills Mix

The General Mills Gold Medal Cornbread Muffin Mix is great for making delicious, soft muffins for every occasion in no time. All this easy-to-use, cornbread muffin mix requires is water, saving time and labor. The mix can be blended with chocolate chips, berries, and nuts among other additional ingredients. With 25 pounds of the General Mills mix, the bulk pack will be an ideal option for parties, cafes, and convenience stores.

Muffin Mix

  • Easy-to-use, cornbread muffin mix
  • Contains wheat, eggs, milk and soy
  • 0 g trans fat
  • Delivers consistent taste and texture
  • Add-water muffin mix
  • Kosher Dairy certified
  • Shelf life: 310 days
  • 25 lb. (11.33 kg) each
Gold Medal(TM) cornbread muffin mix in an easy, "just add water" format. Consistent, tolerant, and formulated to produce cornbread muffins with scratch-like taste and appearance. Available in 25 lb, bulk format for larger operations. For crediting in USDA

Preparation instruction: POUR 1/2 water in mixer. ADD mix. MIX on low until smooth (approx 2 min). ADD remaining 1/2 water gradually. Stop, scrape bowl and paddle. MIX on low for 2 minutes. DEPOSIT about 2.25 oz of batter per heavily greased muffin pans. BAKE at 425?F, in a standard oven, 15-20 mins. Gold Medal(TM) Muffin Mix Cornbread Muffin 25 lb
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  • For over 100 years, the Gold Medal brand has represented a tradition of excellence. Gold Medal’s broad portfolio offers a one box solution to all your baking and breakfast needs. From a cake to a savory corn bread to pancake breakfasts, trust Gold Medal to deliver consistent, superior results with the ease of just adding water.

Gold Medal Cornbread Muffin Mix 25 Pound

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