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    The history of large bakery for international Wholemeal bread, bread specialties Mestemacher began the 1871st The shoemaker master Johann Heinrich Mestemacher directed in G├╝tersloh for his 20-year-old son and William B├Ąckermeister a bakery On. Wilhelm Mestemacher founded after more than 35 years as a city bakery 1910 for a special bakery pumpernickel. Establishing the specialty bakery moving Wilhelm Mestemacher the good market prospects of the pumpernickel of the 19th Century also announced Westphalia borders and in the urban households wealthier families had become a delicacy. Other buyers could Wilhelm Mestemacher groups among supporters of the reform movement expected life. The end of the 19th Century movement criticized the negative impact of industrialization on the people and called for a return to natural life forms. These included a full fare In the 50s and 60s the company to grow to 120 employees. The specialty of Wholemeal bread, pumpernickel, both at home and abroad sold. Since 1985, the current Mestemacher GmbH family Detmers. The top management of major bakery for international Wholemeal bread, bread specialties represent Albert, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers and Fritz Detmers. The group sales rose in the period from 1985 to 2007 from 3.2 million to around 100 million euros. The successful brand profile of today is the result of focusing on clearly defined core Wholegrain pumpernickel and specialists in the history of the company maintained and has been carefully developed. It is for the current success of central importance, product development, entrepreneurial behavior and brand messages to bring them into compliance and about the products in all channels to communicate. This means that the brand profile, product profile and the profile morale are closely linked together and show the image of the company and the brand Mestemacher.