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    In 1934 the Wolf brothers founded a workshop to process fruits, a predecessor of Podravka. Today, Podravka is enlisted among the leading companies of southeast, middle and east Europe. There are three business segments of the company: food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. In their work, they are trying to balance between the economic growth, a progress of the society and the concern fo the environment and to create a perfect match of local and global. Their mission is creation of top-quality products of recognizable brands. Quality and professional people, the high level of knowledge, especially technological, as well as corporative management, are the basic advantages of their company. Its basic values are: innovation skills, the desire for education, entrepreneurialism, ambition, the winning spirit, team work and professionalism. With numerous created brands as well as many received awards and acknowledgements for a wide variety of business activity, they consider the loyalty of their consumers as the biggest success of Podravka. They are different from other companies because they understand their needs, becuse they have high quality products and because they adjust very successfully to the growing demands of the market. In Podravka they run business according to the principles of sustainable growth. With its products, Podravka has been constantly increasing its value. While doing that, they use less resources and they make less waste, and they are especially taking care of environment preservation and the development of the environment and the society and they are extremely sensitive to their needs and they support them through their acitvities. Podravka is also characterized by its involvement in the life processes of their employees and the entire community respectively. Numerous consumers in more than 40 countries throughout the world have recognized the value of Podravka and its products and they have put their trust to them.