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Organic Cookies

Organic Cookies

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Osem Specialties

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Kosher Wafers

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Kosher Chips

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Kosher Passover Snacks

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Bread Crumbs

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Kosher Condiments

Kosher Condiments

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Kosher Crackers

Kosher Crackers

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Kosher Pickles

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Nut Snacks

Nut Snacks

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Since its establishment in 1942, Osem has worked to improve and promote the local food industry. In fact the history of Osem is intertwined with the history of the modern State of Israel. The production lines at the Osem plants were hard at work well before the establishment of the State of Israel, and during the difficult period of the austerity regime in the early 1950s, thereby providing food for hundreds of thousand of citizens in this young nation which was suffering from a severe economic crisis. The Osem factories provided employment with decent conditions for many thousands of workers at all levels and in all professions. Over the years, many new immigrants from all the eras and from all the waves of immigration, not only found employment in the Osem factories, but also a warm and welcoming home. The companys development and establishment of the different production plants were an integral part of promotional activities for different development areas throughout Israel while also creating stable employment conditions and a source of income. In 1942, three manufacturers set up a joint marketing network, and in 1946 they made a dramatic decision to set up a joint factory for the three partner groups. The historical story is that of the seven founders – Ivgen Propper, Dr. Franz Klein, Yaakov Lorsh, Azriel Wihl, Shimshon Wilmersdorf, Moshe Katzman and Eliyahu Harpak. It was they who decided that seven is better than one, and proceeded to set up Osem as a body for the joint marketing of products from a number of factories that they owned, all of which produced noodles, spaghetti and macaroni. Noodles . . .yes, that is what they used to call pasta. The Seven Wonders lead the company forward to the forefront of the Israeli and world-wide food industry. The name that was chosen at the time–Osem–was taken from the prayer said by the High Priest on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) when he says May this year be a year of plenty. And with the passage of time, the founders were able to see the fruits of their labors as Osem became the name on everyones lips, a name synonymous with quality, flavor, health and enjoyment.