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Herdez Salsa

12 Herdez item(s) within Herdez Salsa

From $17.35 per case

Gourmet Enchilada Sauce

2 Herdez item(s) within Gourmet Enchilada Sauce

From $25.25 per case

Tapatio Hot Sauce

4 Herdez item(s) within Tapatio Hot Sauce

From $25.05 per case

Chipotle Pepper

Chipotle Pepper

From $28.35 per case

Gourmet Tortillas

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Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers

From $32.85 per case

Mexican Salsa

Mexican Salsa

From $58.45 per case

As Mexican cuisine blends Spanish and Aztec cultures, Herdez products blend the philosophies and traditions of two clans, Hernández Del Castillo and Hernández Pons. Strong family traditions often set the tone for generations to follow, and the values upon which the Herdez brand was founded are still the model lived by today. In 1914, these families built their Mexican cuisine empire upon quality and trust. Their ever-expanding, loyal customer base today reflects the same values. Made with love, is the Herdez philosophy, signifying the commitment that every Herdez product is crafted from the freshest, finest ingredients, according to the highest standard of quality. After nearly a century, more than 42 authentic food products are offered in the United States. Herdez salsa is the number one brand of imported salsa consumed in the United States today.