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    Just like me, many Americans suffer from health problems that require them to give up the foods they love. Many of the foods that fall into that category are snack foods that are not acceptable to those of us on special diets or watching our weight. It is for that reason that I created French Twists. Back in 1989, I suffered a major heart attack, followed by bypass surgery, all at the young age of 42-years old. Needless to say, my entire life changed. I was now on a strict exercise program and had a number of dietary limitations—one of those being “no sweets!” For a sweet lover like me, this diet was extremely difficult to maintain. Like many people, I found my new dietary regimen rather staid and boring, there was nothing on store shelves that provided the sweet flavors I craved without the guilt that went along with them. So, I set out to develop a great tasting snack that would keep me within the parameters of my Hearth Heart healthy eating plan—without guilt! After much experimentation I finally developed the winning combination of great taste, crunch and the perfect sweetness that satisfied my neglected sweet tooth. My new creation, which I called “French Twists,” fit in perfectly with my new healthy eating plan. Each French Twist is only 60 calories a serving (just 1 point on the Weight Watchers point scale) and contains no dairy, butter, cholesterol, eggs, yeast or sodium. They also proudly wear the OU kosher designation. Finally, I had the magic recipe I had been striving for, layer upon layer of puff pastry, sprinkled with sugar (made from beets) and cinnamon. I proudly indulged and offered them to unsuspecting family and friends—wondering—would they like these snacks as much as I do? Well I got my answer when everyone who tried French Twists inquired into what stores they could find them in, and, if I’d make them a batch after they learned created the recipe from scratch. So this creation became a family business, with everyone playing a role in their production. We decided to call our company Barry’s Bakery, and set up our first manufacturing facility, the family garage. Since then we’ve move into larger and larger facilities, based on demand. Recently we moved our manufacturing facility to Tolleson, Arizona where there was more room to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for French Twists.