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    Amodex was originally formulated in 1958 to remove inks, dye and other troublesome stains from hands. Lab tests and customer feedback indicated that Amodex Hand Cleaner was equally effective removing stains from fabrics. Today, we are proud to be recognized by America`s leading consumer magazine as a `must have in the home` and Rated #1 for removing ink stains. AMODEX works on all types of ink including ballpoint, felt tip, fountain pen, stamp pad, and even permanent and whiteboard marker! The world`s leading ink manufacturers including AT Cross, Avery Dennison, BIC, Mont Blanc, Parker, Pilot, Sanford, Tombow, Waterman and others lab tested Amodex and recommend it to remove their ink marks. Our company`s 21st century vision is to continue providing consumers with the most effective ink and stain remover on the market by offering unparalleled customer service and a family eco-friendly product. We hope our Amodex Ink and Stain Remover will make a difference in people`s lives by saving you money and treasured items, and strive to do so with the same pride and integrity of our founders for the next 50 years and beyond!