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    Origin: Their firm was born in 1880 in Florence as a family undertaking in the groceries trade. Development: The activity developped during the 50s by importing directly the spices from the places of origin and with the preparation of mixtures for the trade and food industry. Quality:Their long experience allows the firm a deep knowledge of all the most important production areas in the worl and a spices and herbs selection at the origin with accurate laboratory inspections and disinfestation operations. Marketing:In recent years the evolution in the distribution enable the firm to meet the most refined requirements of the family customer by developping a marketing activity directed to a packaging and organoleptic qualities optimization and to recipes suitable for the increase in the use of the spices in a moderner cookery. Distribution Service: The service is provided by key accounts, agents, and merchandisers at a national level. Deliveries are assured within 7 days at the most and orders can also be passed by computers.