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    The Candoni name is now synonymous with culinary and artistic excellence. It is an Italian family business where tradition and innovation are combined with the expertise of food and wine professionals.This Candoni family tradition began over 150 years ago, committing threirselves to providing health-conscious consumers with a variety of imported Italian foods and wines of the highest quality. The prestigious Italian family, long established in business and associated with the arts, have been successful food and wine merchants in Italy since the 1800s. Bri-Al concentrates on targeted segments and is operated by managers experienced in all classes of trade: Specialty, Grocery, Natural Foods, and Club. Bri-Al provides a full service approach in all sales and marketing activities provided for their principals. Bri-Al delivers a fresh, creative approach to the marketing and selling of specialty foods in the U.S. Bri-Al is committed to the premise that premium, value added, upscale brands can be grown through specialty food distributors. Bri-Als mission is to develop and execute strategic plans and programs working closely with principals to build consumer awareness and develop household penetration.