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    Fruit Buddy is still the famous American dream! This is the story of young French (and Breton addition proud of it!) Set out to conquer America to launch the concept of gourds fruit drink. And yes, the land of Uncle Sam, the realm of innovation and inventions wildest country where everything is possible and whose influence still shines on much of the planet, and that idea is completely new ! Better it is revolutionary! For once! To get to win a gigantic market, our little French have created a simple but tasty recipe that has the advantage of preserving all the nutritional value of fresh fruit. And this is no small feat in a country usually associated with fast food, junk food and the snacks at any time but that is becoming increasingly aware of his demons (childhood obesity, diabetes, etc.) and with an interest growing interest in the virtues of `eat` for a healthy mind in a healthy body. For all these reasons, the idea of a snack combining health and pleasure has its way and Buddy Fruits has emerged, a revenue 100% fruit in a nice gourd. The fruit, that fruit, especially fruit and still nothing more! Buddy Fruit is also a promise, one that we made to always give the best to our children.