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Frozen Pizza Dough Balls

Frozen Pizza Dough Balls

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Wholly Wholesome Crumblettes

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Wholly Wholesome Pie Shell

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Wholly Wholesome Unbaked Pies

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From $53.55 per case

Founded in 1996 in historic Morristown, New Jersey, Wholly Wholesome, from its inception, has been dedicated to ensuring that its ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake products taste as good or better than any other baked product produced, not only for the natural foods marketplace but for the conventional market as well. In 1972, Bob Wintz started a family business, which focused on conventional baked goods with a geographic reach of the Northeastern United States. In the late 70s, the company was instrumental in introducing natural foods to its Northeast supermarket customers. By 1987, when Doon Wintz joined the familys growing business, he had already come to share his fathers dismay over the sad fact that you could tell it was a natural bakery product if it tasted no better than the cardboard package. What was even more disturbing was the prevalent notion within the industry that natural food consumers fully accepted that taste had to be sacrificed on the altar of natural ingredients. So, in 1996, Wholly Wholesome was born. The companys passion to create a natural baked goods product line that could deliver great tasting treats for ingredient-conscious consumers led to the savory pies, cookies, cakes, rolls, breads and pie crusts that Wholly Wholesome offers today. Though it took decades to come to fruition, Wholly Wholesome has churned out a steady stream of great tasting baked foods that serve the ingredient standards of the most discerning natural food devotees and the taste standards of foodies everywhere!