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    Primal Spirit Foods is a division of Primal Spirit Inc., a West Virginia Corporation founded in 2001. Primal Spirit was founded by walking buddies with a mutual interest in vegetarianism and world travel. On their trips around the world, they would often come in contact with superior meat alternative food offerings not available in the American market. They at Primal Spirit believe that a meat alternative product should be completely satisfying to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners. Doing that requires that a product have the texture, and great flavor of real meat. Five years ago they met an old Thai chef who introduced us to a meat alternative recipe they believed was the best wed ever tasted. When all of their vegetarian friends agreed, they knew they were onto something special and thus Primal Spirit Foods was born. After developing what they considered to be superior recipes and cooking techniques all they needed was a manufacturer. It was in the Orient that they found chefs expert in the creation of meat alternative products, and a manufacturing plant that has been meat alternative since 1959. The superiority of their products is the result of a combination of great recipes, unique formulations, and the use of only the freshest all-natural ingredients.