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    The creation of the Nestlé group coincided with the construction - in 1886, at Cham, Switzerland - of Europes first condensed milk plant by the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. In 1905, the company merged with S.A. Henri Nestlé of Vevey. In the nineteenth century, Henri Nestlé had developed a lacteal flour to combat high infant mortality rates linked to dietary deficiencies, the formula was based on the latest scientific data then available and his own observations. In 1867, he developed a specific manufacturing process that helped guarantee consistent quality and composition. He then launched his flour commercially, adopting a nest as the brands symbol Nestlé means small nest in German. To this day, the nest remains a key part of the companys visual identity. If milk and nutrition were at the companys origins, many other food products have joined the ranks over time: chocolate, instant beverages, food products, refrigerated and frozen products, pet food and bottled waters.