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    Dolci far Niente…Sweet Idleness - A delicious mantra to remember as our daily sustenance. The quality of life can only be savored by slowing down to surrender to the day. It seems appropriate now more than ever to surround ourselves with the warmth of family and friends and the comfort of good food. A delicious meal can heal the soul as well as our body. Our easy to prepare recipes allow for quick preparation in the kitchen and more time to savor good food and conversation at the table. Each product includes a recipe on the jar and our cookbooks La Bella Vita and Il Piccolo Libro have great ideas for entertaining and quick meals. In Italy, people work to live and satisfy their life, as their ancestors have always done. The artisan baker still tends to his hearth, the barista pulls your morning espresso and the food markets burst with the season`s best offerings. Bella Cucina celebrates this way of life and honors this philosophy that food is daily sustenance for the spirit as well as the appetite. I hope you continue your journey eating deliciously and savoring our beautiful food, Bella Cucina Artful Food.