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    Gourmet Tortillas

    Gourmet Tortillas

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    Free of GMOs, synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, La Tortilla Factorys organic tortillas are perfect for health- and environmentally-conscious consumers. Because they are made with pure, naturally flavorful ingredients they are also fantastic for the most discriminating food lovers. All that and they are 98% fat free too! A simple combination of stone-ground corn, lime juice, water and their organic corn tortillas taste exactly as they should…like freshly harvested sweet corn. Full of fiber as well as flavor, La Tortilla Factorys organic carb-cutting wheat tortillas are made from a special recipe of whole wheat, oat fiber, soy flour and water, making them an obvious addition to any carb-cutting diet. Creating two delectable flavors of organic tortillas, La Tortilla Factory realizes that wholesome food is not just for extreme eaters and environmentalists. They are proud to say that anyone can appreciate their tasty tortillas.