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    More than a decade ago, lifelong friends Peter Sartorio P.J. and Nate Steck Nate started a natural food business in the basement of a San Francisco restaurant. Together they created a variety of innovative, fresh, and flavorful foods marketed to the natural foods consumer. As their business grew, they met Mark Cooley, another Bay Area resident, fellow foodie, and like-minded visionary. The Nates brand quickly differentiated itself from other vegetarian food lines by creating unique recipes offering flavorsome, bold-tasting, vegetarian, and vegan delights such as Meatless Meatballs, Taquitos, Mini Tacos and Burritos. Each recipe is made from the finest ingredients, sourced locally, and hand made, in a state-of-the-art facility to ensure that the highest quality and standards are maintained. By 2006 another brand emerged from Peters P.J. desire to create something entirely unique and nouvelle — 100% USDA certified organic meat Burritos. With the rapid success of these delicious products, PJs Orgnaics now offers authentic Mexican Flautas and flavorful Gluten Free Taquitos, Tamale and Enchilada Meals.