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    I supported her and they embarked on the journey together. In an effort to create delicious food packed with essential nutrients, they started experimenting in the kitchen. Their requirements were pretty stiff. They would only use organic and real ingredients. No unhealthy herbicides and pesticides allowed and no genetically modified foods! Omega III fats, important for brain development, were a must. They needed a decent amount of protein and fiber, and absolutely no refined sugar or artificial stuff! Only raw ingredients would be used to provide maximum enzyme and nutrient content, and they chose foods high in antioxidants to promote cell growth and repair. Whew! They were out to create a superfood…oh, and it had to taste great or they knew they would never touch it! The Organic PURE bar was born after hundreds of hours in the kitchen. The bars became so popular they could not make them fast enough. They wanted every adult and child to have access to the PURE bar-so delicious and so good for you! It is fulfilling a dream to be able to share the PURE bar with so many people. Join us in spreading the word about the Organic Pure bar, and try for yourself this deliciously sweet superfood!