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Once Again Peanut Butter

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Cashew Butter

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Kosher Honey

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Sunflower Seed Butter

Sunflower Seed Butter

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Once Again Nut Butter was founded in 1976, as a worker cooperative with the goal of providing the natural products industry with a tasty, healthy, and nutritious peanut butter. After more than thirty years their focus remains the same and they have earned the reputation as a manufacturer of one of the best tasting and most consistent nut butters in the industry. In 1981, Once Again Nut Butter purchased and renovated a turn of the century industrial building first used for silk production. Once Again is one of the largest employers in a village of just over 1,300 people in Nunda, NY, south of Rochester. And what about the raccoon? He was abandoned, very friendly, and loved their office. So…in turn, they adopted him as their company mascot. Once Again was instrumental in developing the organic peanut growing standards in the United States. They were the first company in the nation to introduce Organic Valencia Peanut Butter in 1989 and they subsidized the organic peanut crop for its first 5 years. As Once Again Nut Butter has continued to grow over the years, they have significantly expanded their product line. They are very excited about the newest addition to their product line – Omega-3 Butters made with Organic Flax Seed Oil . Product is available in Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Almond Butter and Natural Almond Butter. Their product lines includes Organic and Natural Peanut Butters, Organic and Natural Almond Butters,Organic and Natural Cashew Butters, Organic and Natural Tahini, Organic Sunflower Butter also their popular Organic American Classic Peanut Butter, the first certified Organic Peanut Butter that does not have any oil separation. Products available in sizes from 1 lb. jars to bulk drums. They offer both natural and organic bulk peanuts, cashews, and almonds that are available either dry or oil roasted. And do not forget the wildly popular tamari almonds! For your convenience they also offer a wide variety of nuts in a handy 12 oz. resealable bag. They also offer Raw HoneyClover,Wildflower,Honey Creme available in 1 Lb.