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    In the fall of 1986, Roberts American Gourmet was founded on my belief that no true American salad dressing had yet to be defined. Working on their very first American vinaigrette recipe, they expanded their salad dressing line, supplying stores all over the New York area. People loved the dressings enabling us to begin national distribution. Being the father of two young boys, I wanted to develop healthy snacks. Even before the news that oat bran helped lower cholesterol, they utilized an innovative technique for blending oat bran with potato chips. The consumer feedback was inspiring, so they set out to develop an entire line of unique snacks with exciting flavors. first got the idea for Pirates Booty while watching the pirate ship at Treasure Island. Pirates Booty was initially named Pirates Treasure. The name did not matter—people just loved their air-puffed rice and corn with aged white cheddar. Everybody loved it, even babies! Roberts snacks have evolved through the years, thanks to feedback from you, their loyal customers. Roberts always uses on the finest, all-natural ingredients, never sacrificing the quality of their products. They will soon be featured on the Food Networks Unwrapped program. Their current line of Pirates Booty, Veggie Booty, Smart Puffs, Tings, Dudes Chips, Chaos, made with organic ingredients, Antique Potato Chips Party like its 1895!, Soy Crisps, Awesome Party Chips, and Blue Organic Tortilla Chips, have defined Roberts American Gourmet as one of the leading natural snack food makers. Roberts American Gourmet snacks are now sold in all 50 states, as well as in Canada, Europe, and Asia. I am proud to say that a strong commitment to taste, quality, and service is the heart of Roberts American Gourmet. I make snacks for my friends and family, and I count you as a welcome part of this group. Enjoy!