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    It all began over a decade ago when I was inspired to create a cookie that was delicious and actually good for you. Having founded and directed a health food co-op for over 20 years, I wanted my cookie to be extremely healthy but a cookie is supposed to taste sweet. Whats a woman to do? I created Nanas Cookies exclusively from all natural, all organic, wholesome ingredients… and I made sure they tasted irresistibly delicious. In my cookie creations, I eliminated all refined sugars, thus eliminating the rush and subsequent crash common from snacks containing refined sugars. I even refused to use the hidden sugars often listed as natural ingredients, such as evaporated cane juice, concentrated fruit juice, beet sugar, brown sugar, as well as sucanat, agave, maltitol, corn syrup and fructose-just to name a few. After months of mixing, baking, and tasting, I finally perfected four cookie flavors worthy of the Nanas Cookie Company name. Working on a shoestring budget, I literally loaded up my car and sold and delivered cookies store to store. Today they have over 28 Nanas Cookie flavors. I discovered in my adventure that anything is possible and with perseverance fabulous flavors could be found in all my cookies, including those cookies that are No Wheat and No Gluten for those with special needs. Today, in 2006, a new era emerged when I discovered that within me actually lives a chocolate vixen. My fans urged me on. Friends asked me to create a cookie that allowed us all to indulge and never feel shameful when they treat ourselves to the elixir of life: to chocolate. Thus, my new cookie line, Temptations was born. Keeping all my other Nos, I decided to lace my life and my new cookies with delicious fun. Chocolate. I embarked on my adventure to gather only the finest ingredients from around the globe. I decided to be delicious using succulent chocolate and mouth-watering flavors as I launched Temptations. All Nanas Cookies still contain No dairy, No eggs, No hydrogentated oils, No added salt and No refined sugar. But my new Temptations cookies are for those magical moments when a bit of daring and adventure, a bit of organic cane sugar are ok. So indulge in all their good for you cookies and enjoy every guilt-free bite. Nanas Cookies are filled with love, inspiration, fun and delicious flavors. Temptations are your discovery that a little bit of naughty goes a long, long way to fun!