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    For Us, World Peace Begins in the Kitchen They believe that the simple act of sharing good food and friendship can make a difference. As you sit around the table enjoying the warm wonderful company of friends and family and feasting on lovingly cooked food, think about how this pleasure affects you, and its easy to see how this good feeling can ripple out to others. Take this good feeling with you through your day and share it with those you meet. You will spread the spirit of generosity, warmth, and hospitality – something that is sorely needed. It does not take a lot to share what you have. Truly great food enjoyed with others creates an experience that unifies and builds a foundation for heavenly peace. Yes, they believe this. The Rising Moon Organics® line of scrumptious foods ranges from elegant, sophisticated foods for grown-up dinner parties to yummy foods for kids – oh, well, and the grown-ups too! Organic pasta sauces, organic raviolis, skillet meals, pizzas... and more. Since 1991, they have searched heaven and earth to find the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest ingredients. Rising Moons expert chefs skillfully blend these organic and natural ingredients to produce a heavenly blend that will twirl you through the stars. They offer them to you in that spirit of warmth, generosity, hospitality - and fun!