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    Since 1977, New England Natural Bakers has been committed to producing the finest natural snacks and cereals. In the mid 80s they added organic varieties as these ingredients started becoming available and in 2002 they have actively pursued eliminating use of any ingredient with GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms Please see their Reasons To Buy page which include other ways in which they strive to gain your confidence. New England Natural Bakers is constantly striving to reduce negative impact on their environment as well as constantly seeking fair and just social and relationship practices. They donate 10% of pre-tax profits to organizations improving environmental and social conditions. Please visit their Donations page to learn more. They are proud of their Save the Forest packaged Organic program and how its sales benefit their worlds important forest environments. When you purchase Save the Forest bars, trail mixes and cereals you help create a cleaner, more sustainable Earth for all of us. Please visit the Save the Forest section for product and program information. The products that New England Natural Bakers make for you are found either as Save the Forest brand packaged organic or New England Natural Bakers brand bulk or tub format natural and organic. Their products include: bars snack, cereal, and trail mix granola cereal muesli cereal trail mixes fruit/nut and cracker types flavor roasted nuts Please see the Product Descriptions for a complete listing.