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    mix1 was founded to create a great solution to the modern-day challenge of finding time to eat right. As much as they all value the importance of good nutrition, most of us are caught up in schedules that do not always allow us to even sit down and eat a balanced, healthy meal, let alone shop for and prepare one. All too often, they are forced to just grab whatevers fast and easy when they are hungry, whether its nutritious or not. And usually, its not. Their three co-founders, naturopath Dr. James Rouse, Greg Stroh, and Wes Brasher, came together to create a delicious, quick, and convenient way for people on the go to satisfy their hunger and nourish their bodies. In short, to find the perfect mix that helps busy, active people everywhere—parents, businesspeople, and athletes alike—increase performance in a healthful, convenient way. Made with the highest-quality natural ingredients in proportions that reflect Dr. Jamess passion for effective, efficient nutrition, mix1 was created to help keep us all on track with the ideals they start each day with, and make good on their good intentions.