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    Since beginning operations in 1934 from its headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, Jackson-Mitchells Meyenberg Goat Milk Products has established itself as the premier global manufacturer of goat milk products. With farms and facilities producing 18 million pounds of goat milk annually, and lines of distribution stretching around the world, Meyenberg has grown from a medicinally focused, niche-market company, to one whose products possess widespread appeal for an ever-expanding group of consumers. Meyenberg has achieved its leading status by consistently anticipating trends in consumer demand. The history of Meyenberg shows a pattern of marketing creativity and dynamic thinking, resulting in goat milk products that perfectly and consistently fit the food and nutrition trends of the times. Initially, Jackson-Mitchells Meyenberg Goat Milk Products produced only evaporated goat milk, offered exclusively in pharmacies as an alternative for babies sensitive to cow milk. Robert Jackson assumed leadership of the company in 1954 and recognizing the proliferation of new infant formulas, began marketing goat milk to a larger population, focusing special attention on seniors and children. Worldwide distribution followed soon after. Today Meyenberg supplies goat milk products to many export markets including Mexico, Japan, and the Philippines. During the 1980s, a growing national awareness of health and nutrition issues renewed consumer interest in unique natural products. To meet demand, Meyenberg opened plants in Arkansas and California, doubling both goat milk production and annual sales within a year. The unique ultra-pasteurization process allowed for distribution of Fresh Whole Pasteurized Goat Milk and 1% Low Fat Pasteurized Goat Milk to markets across the country. Recent trends have fueled yet another boom in goat milk consumption: consumer desire to avoid foods containing additives and hormones, a mushrooming demand for foods that are 100% natural, and a growing appreciation by gourmet chefs, who use Meyenberg goat milk products to enhance recipes. Today, new Meyenberg products include European-Style Goat Milk Butter and a variety of Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Meyenberg Goat Milk Products are currently available in 90% of supermarket chains, as well as leading health-food stores nationwide.