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    Lucky Country International is proudly an Australian owned Company with an International brand. Lucky Country International prides itself on sourcing and providing the most innovative high quality food, with an uncompromising commitment to quality, taste and foods that represent value. Lucky Country products are distributed to national and state operated supermarkets, large non grocery retailers, drug stores and boutique retailers Lucky Country International was established in Australia and is proudly Australian-owned by its founder and President, Lenka Dransfield. Lenka opened the head office of Lucky Country International in Sydney Australia. Her 30 years of experience importing and distributing in Australia with her company C.A.L Marketing Pty. Ltd, culminated into the creation and setting up of Lucky Country International. The reason Lucky Country International was created is to sell and export high quality licorice. These initial beginnings saw the development of their most popular trademark products Aussie Soft Eating Licorice. The initial opening of the U.S sales base, and then eventually another manufacturing site was paramount to their plans not only for the domestic market but internationally as well. Today, Lucky Country Manufacturing has two well established plants, one in Australia and one in North Carolina in the United States. The North Carolina plant has been hailed as one of the most modern plants around today boasting 60,950 square feet. This has enabled Lucky Country to produce licorice for both the American European markets, with a view to extend manufacturing facilities as required. The continuous success of Aussie Soft Licorice is due to its unique softness and freshness which has allowed Lucky Country International to rapidly grow to be a leader in this field. Still retaining its trademark best selling product, Lucky Country International has successfully developed and expanded into other products. Today, Lucky Country International and its employees throughout Australia, United States and United Kingdom, are committed to sourcing and providing innovative high quality food for people of all ages to enjoy and share.