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American Cheese

American Cheese

From $40.05 per case

Frozen and Refrigerated Kefirs

28 Lifeway Kefir item(s) within Frozen and Refrigerated Kefirs

From $18.65 per case

Lifeway Kefirs

25 Lifeway Kefir item(s) within Lifeway Kefirs

From $24.55 per case

Probiotic Low Fat Kefir

16 Lifeway Kefir item(s) within Probiotic Low Fat Kefir

From $27.95 per case

Probiotic Non Fat Kefir

7 Lifeway Kefir item(s) within Probiotic Non Fat Kefir

From $27.95 per case

Refrigerated Organic Smoothie

2 Lifeway Kefir item(s) within Refrigerated Organic Smoothie

From $28.85 per case

Lifeway Foods was founded in 1986 by Michael Smolyansky. Julie Smolyansky is currently the Companys President and Chief Executive Officer. Lifeway develops specialty functional dairy foods for health-conscious consumers, producing a series of distinctive probiotic products based on unique ingredients and proprietary formulations. The Companys main product is Kefir, a milk-based cultured drink which is more nutritional than yogurt.