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    Ginseng Up is the first company to visualized and to develop alternative ginseng healthy energy drinks. The ancient principles of preventive medicine and healing are as true as today as they were in the time of hippocrates. It was in this spirit that their company developed Ginseng Up product which have become household names in the United State. In the early 1980s, Ginseng Up was introduced to the New York Market. The company was at the forefront of the natural soda market to bring great benefits to the American people. In 1981, their production facility was acquired in Worcester, Mass. To assure production of top quality product. after years of research and development , in 198, they came out 100% natural, Apple, Lemon Lime, Orange, Grape, Cola, and 7oz Ginseng Extra. In 1990, Market demanded additional Pineapple and Kola Champagne flavors which were a great success.