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    Hot Mamas, founded in 1984, was first housed in a tiny 500 square foot facility in Millers Falls, MA. In 1991, Matt Morse bought the young company and moved it to Amherst, MA. Matt made a commitment that he would grow his company by holding fast to four key goals: 1. To use the freshest, all natural ingredients. 2. To give the best possible customer service. 3. To engage in business practices that reflect experience, integrity and commitment to the environment. 4. To help employees to realize their personal and professional goals. Matts dedication to these values has resulted in building a loyal customer base in the natural and gourmet food categories. Matt expanded his Amherst operations until finally Hot Mamas outgrew the available space. In 1999, Matt acquired The Lazy Chef line of ready to use pesto sauces (now produced under the Hot Mamas Gourmet line for foodservice and the Hot Mamas Natural line for retail) and moved his company to much larger quarters in the Industrial Park in Northampton, MA. Since then, the company has expanded in its current location three times. Matt established operations in Chicago in 2002 to serve customers in the Midwest. In 2004, Hot Mamas added pizzas, pizza bagels, flavored butters and spreads to their product line. With an employee count over 60 and growing and a wide range of offerings, Hot Mamas is a leading manufacturer of fresh, natural and select organic food products.