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HimalaSalt Salt Grinders

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HimalaSalt Salt Refill Box

HimalaSalt Salt Refill Box

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Pepper Blend Seasonings

Pepper Blend Seasonings

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HimalaSalt™ is the Purest Salt on Earth™. While there are many pink Himalayan sea salts on the market, HimalaSalt™ is the only Ethically Sourced, Artisan Made Himalayan Pink Sea Salt that is Kosher Certified, Green-e Certified (made by 100% renewable wind and solar energy), sustainably packaged, with 5% of profits going to the environment and back to the source community. HimalaSalt™ was created 250 million years ago, during a time of pristine environmental integrity. Hand-harvested from a protected source deep within the exotic and remote Himalayas, HimalaSalt remains free of impurities, unlike refined table salt or salt from todays widely polluted oceans. HimalaSalts rare, gorgeous pink color stems from its naturally high content of wholesome essential minerals, of which their bodies are made and require for wellbeing. HimalaSalt™ is never heat treated or processed, it is slowly stone-ground to retain its full potency of rich essential minerals, delicious, full flavor, and health giving alkaline properties. HimalaSalts crystals are hand-selected for the highest quality in color, clarity, and purity. They only use crystals that are clear, rose, or pale pink in color. The darker red chunks, while beautiful, are too high in minerals for daily consumption, stressing the kidneys. They pass these crystals on to the artisans who make lamps and other home goods. All of HimalaSalts pink Himalayan sea salt crystals are hand-harvested from a protected source deep in the Himalaya Mountains, using centuries old artisan methods that do not include the modern practices of dynamite blasting or child labor. Salt is essential to life -- they carry a replica of the ancient ocean in their blood. HimalaSalt restores the natural alkaline balance crucial to health and wellbeing. HimalaSalt™ is the first and only primordial Himalayan sea salt to be: • Kosher Certified • Sustainably Sourced, Naturally Packaged • The Purest Grade Available • Hand-Harvested from a Protected Source • Stone-Ground to Retain Essential Minerals • All Natural, Unrefined, No Additives • Gorgeous Pink Color, Delicious, Full Flavor • Made by 100% Green-e Certified Wind and Solar Energy • 5% of Profits go to the Environment