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    Since 1979, they at Grainaissance have been dedicated to making great-tasting, nutritious products from brown rice. Starting with organic, whole-grain brown rice (they do not used milled rice), they add almonds, raisins, non-dutched cocoa, cinnamon and an abundance of other whole foods to create their distinctive flavors. They never use oils or animal products, they keep salt and even natural flavor concentrates to a minimum. Also, all of their products are certified kosher. They think eating should be fun, and they are proud to say that their products are not only healthy and delicious, but are entertaining as well! Their products stem from a long line of traditional Japanese foods, and they employ time-honored Japanese methods to produce them. But you can rest assured that they have not let tradition stand in the way of progress and improvement: At Grainaissance, they believe food should be flavorful and appetizing, and they are continually developing new great flavors to choose from. You may be surprised at how great-tasting rice products can be! If you want food thats fun, easy to use, energizing and dairy-free, try one of their great flavors of Amazake and Mochi. You will agree they are sensational!