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    Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc. (OTC BB: GXYF) develops and globally markets plant based cheese alternatives, organic dairy and other organic and natural food products to grocery and natural foods retailers, mass merchandisers and foodservice accounts. Galaxy Nutritional Foods Veggie®, the leading brand in the grocery cheese alternative category and the Companys top selling product group, is primarily merchandised in the produce section and provides calcium and protein without cholesterol, saturated fat or trans-fat. Other popular brands include: Galaxy Nutritional Foods Rice®, Veggy®, Vegan®, Rice® Vegan and Wholesome Valley Organic®. Galaxy continues to address growing health trends (see chart below). Since 1980, Galaxy has been dedicated to developing nutritious and delicious food products made with high quality, natural ingredients that exceed the expectations of todays health conscious consumers. Galaxy is also committed to reducing its environmental impact as part of an Eat Green for Body and Earth™ program that offsets carbon emissions associated with product shipping and emphasizes the use of organic ingredients.