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    An orthopedic surgeon, a film producer and a corporate strategist walk into a bar… wait, no, they start a beverage company… What happens? A revolution, that is what. In 2004, Dr. Alex Hughes, Josh Simon, and Dayton Miller embarked on a mission: To improve the lives of their friends and family. Although the goal was simple, the results of their venture would forever change the beverage industry. In Medical school, Dr. Alex realized that many of the powerful, all-natural ingredients he used to treat patients were available to the public, yet not widely known about or utilized. This observation sparked an idea: what if he could use these potent ingredients in the form of innovative beverages, making their health benefits accessible to everyone? Consumers were still relying on centuries old vitamin-based ingredients to improve their health and it was time to give them products with real results. While conducting the initial research in a laboratory built in his kitchen there were many spills and explosions, but also plenty of breakthroughs. Dr. Alexs experiments were revolutionary-bringing technology, ingredients, and functionality never before seen to the beverage industry. With long-time friends Josh and Dayton, function drinks launched in southern California in mid-2005. Instantly, the company gained a strong consumer following, including many celebrity fans, like singer Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas and NBA superstar Shaquille O Neal. Today, the function line-up-solid worldwide-consists of ten powerful beverages delivering eight relevant functionalities with concrete and proven results, and thankfully for Dr. Alexs neighbors, the beverages are now developed with a team of food scientists in sophisticated beverage laboratories. Function can be found in whole foods markets and other high end retailers nationwide.