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    Holland waffles were originally imported from Holland by Meyers Bakery in 1986 for distribution in the United States. The sales demand soon justified manufacturing waffles in this country. De Wafelbakkers and the Janssen brothers of Holland entered into a joint venture to manufacture waffles in the U.S. using the Janssens very successful European waffle formula and their custom built ovens. Two ovens were installed in the Meyers Bakery in Hope, Arkansas and production began soon thereafter. The venture was a success and continued to grow with expanded distribution and addition of brand names and co-manufacturing arrangements. The success of the waffles led to the addition of pancakes and French toast to the product lines with the completion of a new modern bakery in North Little Rock, Arkansas in 1994. The pancake and French toast product lines have proved to be very successful by providing a balanced product line in the frozen breakfast category. Sales have tripled since 1994 with the development of new products and packaging designs. The development of a shelf stable waffle and a shelf stable pancake is greatly complementing their traditional frozen type products. Products are distributed in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Today, De Wafelbakkers operates three shifts daily with total employment of 160 in a modern plant with seven production lines. Additional freezer space, warehouse and packaging space was completed in 1999 to support the production lines. De Wafelbakkers welcomes co-manufacturing opportunities.