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    Joel Schantz was drawn drawn to rock-n-roll as a teenager and has not stopped rocking since. As a Miami rock guitarist he was a part of several bands well known to the Miami scene. He partied like a rock star into his late twenties when he realized his lifestyle choices were not rocking. Upon recognizing his shabby physicality he promptly joined a gym, and began making a major lifestyle shift to improve his health. He began eating a vegetarian diet that soon became vegan and at times bordered on raw. As Joel spent more time at the gym, he noticed the clienteles obsession with protein bars and became inspired to create his own version of power food. He toiled in his kitchen, using his new whole food approach to making food to create delicious energy snacks. His bars were met with fanfare at the gym and disappeared instantly. Upon relocating from Miami Beach to the mountain mecca of Asheville, NC, Joel continued his snack-making quest from the kitchen of a local ice cream parlor called The Hop. He began to evolve his recipes by synthesizing his whole food power snacks with the sweeter sensibility of the desert world and the organic vibe common to Ashevillians. From the local ice cream parlor, Joel began selling. Word spread quickly of the bald guy with the outrageous organic homemade treats. It became difficult for him to keep the treats on the table as the locals came by feet, bikes, and automobiles to indulge. He immediately developed a rapport with his customers, who he deemed CRISPY CATS. They lined up daily to feast on what his wife Julie deemed Tree Huggin Treats and the name began to stick. He worked tailgate markets, festivals and events until he needed more space in order to continue to grow. Tree Huggin Treats teamed with the vegan bakers of Birch Mountain Bakery to rent a spot in Ashevilles artistic river district. Vegan delicacies which defied the gravity of the healthy sweets stigma were churned out around the clock. The introduction of CRISPY CAT to the national marketplace signifies the release of the first organic candy bar. Tree Huggin Treats is still working markets, festivals and events and the world is now beginning to know that Joel Schantz and organic candy bars ROCK!