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Chunks of Energy Bites

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The concentration of energy that inspired Dancing Star has not been tainted over its years of success. It began as a humble enterprise to provide healthy products at low costs, and it continues to do just that. The desires dictated by the consumer have and always will be the driving force behind Dancing Star, despite current trends to maximize profit regardless of costs (monetary and otherwise) to the buyer. The dynamic of independence from corporations and dependence on valued customers makes this business flourish. They thank you daily for your feedback and food choices. Their products include: Chunks of Energy: Carob Spirulina, Mixed Berry Blast, Chocolate Almond Chip, Honey Pistachio, Vanilla Almond, Vegan Carob Banana, High Country Gorp; Organic Chunks of Energy: Organic Raw Cacao Goji, Organic Raw Lemon Pop, Organic Chocolate Paradise, Organic Carob SuperGreens, Organic Cranberry Apricot, Organic Mocha Chip Fair Tr, Organic Carob Joy Vegan; Organic Carob Powder, Organic Super Greens, Dairy Free Sampler Packs and Energy Bites Packages. They are also adding more organic items such as the addition of Organic Agave to Vegan 18 Carob Super Greens and Vegan Carob Banana. They are also very excited to be using Fair Trade Ingredients in their Vanilla Almond and expect to expand the use of Fair Trade Ingredients.