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    Their family entered the food business in 1955.Pasta became their primary food line by 1968. Since then, they have become one of the major Italian Frozen Pasta specialty companies in the Philadelphia marketplace-serving all Acme, Superfresh, Pathmark, Shop Rite, Genuardis and Super G food chains They also serve a host of independent food markets such as Shop N Bag, Thriftway, Foodtown, Shop N Save, etc., as well as the New York metropolitan marketplace, the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area and the U.S. Military commissaries worldwide. Caesars Pasta products have also found their way into the hearts of a vast array of markets including Foodservice, Industrial, Co-Pack and Private label. Since 1991 they have made tremendous inroads into the Foodservice marketplace, setting up distributors in the Northeast Region, servicing restaurants, schools, casinos, hotels, colleges and universities. In the Industrial area, Caesars has co-packed products for Campbell Soup Company, Pet Products, Progresso, Weight Watchers and Rich Foods to name a few. Because of their high quality products, many companies have asked us to package under their Private Label for specific uses in the Retail and Foodservice distribution networks nationwide. Food markets today must meet the needs of their consumers - and pasta is in great demand! You will welcome the extra sales generated by supplying your customers with Caesars Frozen Pasta Products