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    Elizabeth (Liz) Ward got her inspiration for the BumbleBar one day while hiking.Im an avid hiker. Before I got engrossed in this business, I used to go hiking almost every weekend, she says. I lived out in the woods without electricity or running water, and I would hike eight miles every day. Being out there, it seemed like this incredible oxymoron that its so beautiful in nature, but at the same time hikers are eating food that harms the planet (i.e. conventionally grown and/or dairy-based foods). I wanted to develop an all-organic, gluten-free food that people could take out into the wilderness. In 1995, she sold her first BumbleBar. But this tasty, sesame seed-based treat isnt just for taking out into the woods. Its great as an afternoon snack or dessert. And kids love it, too. The bar passed the most important taste test: Lizs 13-year-old son Jed loves the bar. Its soooo good you cant even believe! he exclaims. A few months later, Lizs partner, Glenn Ward, joined the company. His role is to create a value-led business that uses sustainable practices. Liz and Glenn are highly committed to a variety of social issues, including womens rights, recycling and strengthening their local community of Spokane, Washington. In the last year, they have donated thousands of bars to numerous local and national charity events. As they grow, they plan to get even more involved in these issues, Liz says. Ive always loved food, Liz adds. My mother was a great cook and I grew up in the kitchen helping her. In the Midwest in high school, I helped out cooking at a soup kitchen for the homeless. Food is something that has always been positive for me. I love sharing food with people, I feel it brings a lot of joy and quality into peoples lives. Its incredibly rewarding to know that thousands of people are out there enjoying their all-organic, vegan, gluten-free bars.