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    Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

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    Gourmet Fruit Snacks

    Gourmet Fruit Snacks

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    Unlike any other dried fruit or potato chip, Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps and their NEW Potato Crisps varieties have a unique crunch and fresh, straight-from-the-farm-stand flavor. Their goal is to provide snacks parents feel good about serving their families because they are wholesome and free of confusing, artificial ingredients. Nothing artificial, 100% Natural, 100% Fat Free. No added sweeteners, colors or flavors. The HEALTHY SNACK, the one Mother Nature would eat! Brothers-All-Natural Crisps are perfect for trips, school lunches, at the office, or just to eat around the house. The perfect anytime snack! Thank you for visiting! Please enter their site to explore all of their 100% freeze-dried healthy snacks!