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Boulder Potato Chips

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Boulder Rice and Adzuki Bean Chips

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Kettle Potato Chips

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Veggie Chips

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At The Inventure Group, they have a passion for creating specialty snack foods that are innovative, delicious and – above all – Intensely Different™. Their primary objective is to provide you with delicious, high-quality products that are fun, whether you are among friends or just enjoying one of their tasty snack foods alone in front of the television. From kettle-cooked potato chips to seasoned steak strips, the distinct taste and quality of their Intensely Different™ brands have created loyal followings in regions throughout the United States. Growth at The Inventure Group begins with being innovative, which they believe creates more fun and a great working environment. They care enough to make superior products and are committed to bringing you the industrys most original, best-tasting, better-for-you snack foods. This dedication is demonstrated by their goal of being a leading marketer and manufacturer of Intensely Different™ snack food brands. They plan on accomplishing this objective by keeping associates, consumers, customers, shareholders and suppliers reaching for more of their unique snack foods, while enhancing the four cornerstones of their success.