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    The new company, Blue Horizon Organic Seafood Co., Inc., was formed with a dual mission: to supply both sustainably harvested wild and certified clean-farmed seafoods and prepared seafood products to the North American market while helping to protect the health of global aquatic ecosystems. With over 70 years of experience in the organic foods industry, Battendieri and Redmond look forward to supplying the rising tide of consumer demand for healthy and chemical-free seafood grown and processed in an earth-and-ocean-friendly way. I am an avid fisherman and chef and I am pleased to be able to bring these passions into their new seafood business, says Battendieri. When sourcing farmed seafoods, Blue Horizon sources only certified pesticide- and chemical-free seafood. John and I share a deep concern for the health of their oceans, lakes and rivers. Naturland not only certifies that their sustainably farmed seafoods are clean, healthy and chemical free, says Redmond, but also that the environment and workers rights are being protected. After 35 years each of encouraging organic land-based food production, Battendieri and Redmond are happy to be turning their attention to foods from the sea. Blue Horizon offers a broad range of products centering on both sustainably-farmed and responsibly-managed wild species. Products range from bulk and retail packaged sustainbly-farmed shrimp from the pristine north coast of Ecuador, sustainably harvested sweet deep-water salad shrimp from Iceland (both shrimp sources rated green by FishWise), organically breaded diver-gathered scallops, shrimp, clam strips, coconut shrimp, calamari, marinated Cajun and scampi shrimp, crab cakes and clam chowders made with organic ingredients, wild MSC certified Alaskan frozen salmon fillets and smoked salmon, sustainably harvested and low mercury gourmet-flavored tuna in cans, and organic tarter and cocktail sauce.